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22 March 2021 - 8 April 2021
Virtual mission of the Netherlands to Gulf region

Information & Contact

For more information regarding this mission, please contact:

Netherlands Enterprise Agency 
Margriet Veenstra, project manager mission

Bregje Korteweg, project manager mission

Alexander van der Kaa, project managemer mission

Of course, foreign participants can contact the Embassies in Oman and United Arab Emirates, in case more information regarding this mission is needed. 

In case you would like to contact the Embassie(s), please, send an email to:

Oman: mus-ea@minbuza.nl
United Arab Emirates:
* Dubai: dba-ea@minbuza.nl
* Abu Dhabi: abu-ea@minbuza.nl


The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is organizing this mission in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch postal network in the Gulf region.


Closed since 1 April 2021

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India 1
Italy 1
Netherlands 158
Oman 111
Qatar 1
Saudi Arabia 7
United Arab Emirates 272
Total 551

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After event 267
Total 10394